3 Stages of Creation

By March 20, 2014 No Comments


Developing an idea happens in 3 stages, the conceptualization of said idea, the planning towards producing said idea and the execution in bringing it to life. The conceptualization should mainly focus on 3 objectives, define the core purpose and reason behind your concept. Without a strong foundation to build on, it is hard for your team to be on the same page and understand the common direction and goals you all want to meet. The extent to your thinking may be flawed so write down every detail and have a trusted companion review it with you, ensure your objectives are practical and achievable. Once you are sure your idea is solid it’s time to build on it and see exactly what it takes to watch it come to life.

Often the best ideas end up short lived because the developer spends more time chasing the execution that they take time out to plan towards it. Let’s imagine your road to success like a journey up a hill, you know your aim is to get to the top but what about the terrain? The fastest way to the top might also be the most challenging and the least challenging way might also be the slowest. So you take time out to study the terrain make your plans accordingly and if you need help you seek professional counsel. This is the importance of the planning stage for any great idea or startup. If you move too fast you’re quick to run on fumes, if you don’t move fast enough you will find the top of the mountain may no longer have enough space for you to place your foot and stand.

As long as you have a solid plan your execution should be just as simple as reading a book. Of course every plan needs follow up contingency, the best plans account for all possible change in circumstance and the appropriate response for these changes. Quite often it’s tempting to see the fast break and want to make a run for it but you have to trust yourself and know your plans will work. Long term rewards are always better than short term wins. Momentum through diligence, passion, commitment and confidence are the only traits you need to execute your plans and see the results.