Concept Design

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In GIC, we perform what is popularly called Concept Designing, a new approach to how businesses are conducted and analyzed. Traditionally, corporations build an establishment based the question “what?” What to produce? What do consumers want? What problems should companies solve? But in this new age of business and marketing the important questions which determine a businesses success or failure are in the “how?” How do we develop a new product? How do we improve our current product line up? How should it be marketed? How should the company be organized to achieve the best solutions? These are the questions that differentiate a fortune 500 from a local vendor. With a fusion of knowledge and techniques from business, design and social science, we get concept design, which is your answer to the “how?”

Traditionally, a CEO/Managing Director would answer the “how?” aspect of a business but with a growing and developing world there are too many aspect of operating a business for a single person to approach so you need a team approach. A team taking into account all the involved parties of that question commonly known as the stakeholders. “Business” being the main corporation/producer, “Social Science” being the end consumer and most importantly “Design” being the medium and bridge between the producers and consumers. Together the knowledge and skill of all aspects can be fused in a project to give you the Concept Design to answer all your business needs.

In parts of the world, this approach to business is being studied and exploited such as the British Design Council and Rotman School of Management who are using similar technics being referred to as “transformation design”, “strategic design” and “service design”. However, none of these have the exact same focus as Concept Design. Concept Design is slowly becoming the true answer to many of the world’s business problems. This is because these businesses are not asking the right questions to stimulate growth and expansion. The concept design process and implementation is what we consider the most important part of the GIC experience. If you’re established or on the road to establishing yourself, contacts us for GIC concept designs and see the phenomenal results we bring to your business.