Secure Managed Hosting

Backed up, protected and always online. 

Fully Managed

We manage your sites updates, from content implementation to new features and expended functionality.

Downtime Monitoring

Scheduled maintenance keeps you ahead of glitches and bugs, we guarantee minimal downtime.

Advanced Security

We use top-quality software to ensure that your data, and your customers’ valuable information, is safe with us.

Speed Optimized

Your visitors never have to wait, our servers are oprtimized to be fast and responsive, so they stay interested.

The site's your digital home.
The domain's a street address.

Your site works within the Domain Name System, also known as the DNS. This is the system through which websites communicate and send visitors back and forth. It translates your web address, which your customers can read, into an IP address, which their computers use to show them your site. That means if your domain isn’t working, your customers see error messages instead of your content. And we don’t want that to happen any more than you do.

At GIC, we have a team of experts to keep an eye on your domain and make sure it’s working. We understand all the pieces of the DNS and how they work together, and that allows us to fit your site seamlessly into the system. Let us handle all of that technical nitty-gritty so you can focus on your business.

Don't wrestle with WordPress.
We'll take care of it.

Content and layout make your website what it is, but it takes experience to get it looking right. Even if you use a tool like WordPress, which lets you make changes without coding.  Like any program, WordPress is easier to use if you can navigate it smoothly already. We’ve been working within the WordPress Content Management System for years. We can make edits quickly and accurately so that when a visitor navigates to your site, they’ll see what you want them to see.

All without you having to take any time away from developing your business to wrestle with your site. And because we do all of this in-house, we can keep your site up to date without delays. Every update releases on time so your customers don’t miss a special offer or important news about your company’s growth.

When customers reach out to you by email, we ensure you get the message.

We know that medium and small businesses depend on a smoothly operating email system to keep clients in the loop. After all, we promise that we’ll stay in touch with you as long as you’re our customer, so we know that we’d better deliver. And we understand that you share that mindset. You deserve a webmail system that will reliably get your customers’ messages to you and send yours to them correctly.

You need that system to do its job securely because your reputation as a reliable and safe business is important to you. When you use our secure hosting services, you get secure webmail hosting as part of the package. That means in-house servers, routine maintenance, and backup solutions so that you don’t lose any crucial messages or become a target for hackers.

Know how your website is performing – what's working, what isn't, what's changed.

Web development isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it process, even though some companies seem to treat it like one. We know how much of your business depends on your site performing well, so we integrate analytics into every package.    We’ll tell you what parts of your site are getting traffic and where your customers are either converting or bouncing out. And then, most importantly, we help you fix it.

We believe in websites that constantly evolve, shifting to align with industry trends and meet the unique needs of your customers. If something isn’t performing, we work with it until it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. And if something’s going well, we can help you to learn what’s working and how to carry that into other aspects of your site.







We combine the security of in-house expert hosting with the power of a collaborative relationship.

We work with you to understand what you need from our hosting service, then we use our technical resources and professional expertise to build the right solution.

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